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The term English as a Foreign Language or EFL means teaching the language English to people who are from other countries. Countries like UK and Western Europe are English-speaking countries and hence teaching EFL is quite popular. EFL teaching is a mandatory part of primary and summer school curriculum. Because it is so important the demand for EFL teachers is high and hence numerous English teacher jobs are available.

EFL Teachers:

EFL teachers should not only be able to converse well in English but also need to possess the comprehension skills of written English. They should have a good practical understanding of this language. EFL teachers have the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language to wide range of student’s right from the primary school students to graduate school. Generally they work in English-Speaking online classes and commercial language primary or graduate schools.

Duties and Responsibilities of EFL teachers:

The primary duty of an EFL teacher is that they should demonstrate outstanding written as well as verbal communication skills. It is completely their responsibility to prepare the students for proficient examinations in this English language which would also include interviews. EFL teachers are required to have good time management, organizing and planning skills. To ensure that the students are interested and involved during the sessions they need to conduct interactive and interesting classroom sessions. And at the same time it is important that they are good listeners, creative with their instructions and patient. To become an EFL teacher generally there is no special teacher education or compulsory educational qualification required, however some employers expect the candidates to possess a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification.

If you are applying for a new job as an EFL teacher you need to have some administrative and teaching experience in the past. One of the important responsibilities for the teachers is to preserve a register for roll-call. Apart from teaching English to students some professionals offer coaching services and translation services. If an EFL teacher has taken up translation or coaching as a profession they generally work on the basis of one-to-one with organizations that provide translation of English jargons and terms. There are many freelance EFL professionals who strive for simplifying the entire business process among non- English and English speaking professionals.

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